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Welcome to Save Our Soil

Biodynamic Food, Soil and Farming Information

If you're interested in soil, farming, organics, environment or just good food then biodynamics will be of interest to you. This website has various articles on the subject as well as some information on our own individual experience.  (see 'BD History' 'Know your food' and 'BD intro' tab)

We are Biodynamic farmers ourselves and sell our produce at farmers markets throughout Victoria Australia. ( see 'Farmers Market' tab)

About us in brief: Our family has been involved with Biodynamic and Organic food for many years. In 1965 my parents started one of the first biodynamic dairy farms in Northern Victoria Australia . My wife and I have been in the food business for most of our working lives including manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, growing biodynamic vegetables and distributing organic produce. (for more info see tab 'About Us').





Find out more about Organics and Biodynamic farming:

BD is short for Biodynamics check out the tabs "Org Vs Normal","BD Intro" "BD History"' .

Note - The Demeter symbol appears on this website to indicate that we are certified Demeter Biodynamic Growers . We were formally and


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